A few nights ago, I was watching the classic movie Purple Rain, starring the legendary Prince. I was borrowing the movie from my friend Cyborg. It was my first time having seen the movie from beginning to end but it has always been one of my favorites. As I was watching the movie, I got inspired by a lot of different aspects and details: the stage, the clothing Prince was wearing, the sexuality of it, etc. I knew as soon as I was done watching I was going to find some photos for inspiration and just plan an amazing design. I wanted to base the design strictly around the movie and the 80s era. It came pretty naturally as I was working on the edit. The pictures to me were the best part of doing this design. I love how eccentric Prince’s style is and the intensity of his voice. I love looking at the different moments in the movie and of course how I incorporated purple to accentuate everything. This to me is a lot different from the usual homage I’ve paid to legends because I connect so deeply with this. I had explained to Cy how much he reminds me of Prince and the character he plays. It was dope to me to see the similarities as well as just knowing I feel the connection first-hand. I love this design and I’ve grown much more respect for Prince, his legacy, and this movie. So I have to give thanks to this movie for helping me giving birth to a great edit.