For this design, I wanted to step into a new kind of territory and try something a little different from my usual designs. I had a lot of trouble at first with this edit, but talking to Cyborg made an idea shoot right into my head. The subject I decided to work with for this idea was Beyonce. I managed to find an amazing photo to use and something that stuck out to me was the shadow. I wanted to do something I’ve never done before and incorporate an actual, realistic shadow. The inspiration for the accurate shadow came from an anime called Naruto. I’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks and one of the ninja jitsu that I paid attention to was “shadow possession”. I thought about how cool it looked and how strong of a role it played so I wanted to add it in. To me, I think it looks great. Another idea that came to me was the parallel universe. I wanted to really separate Beyonce from the shadow and make her stand out. I added in a mirror and lightning to make the design tell a story. Overall, this is definitely one of my more versatile designs and I’m super proud of how nice it came out.