Earlier in the week, I was explaining my process of picking four different subjects to use for designs. I recently used Rihanna for the first design. The second person I chose was singer, Selena. I came up with her as a subject through my friend Cyborg. He had plans to later on use the design of her, if done, on a shirt sometime soon. The inspiration came to me for the design pretty quickly. I was able to gather many different pictures and moments in her career and just make an amazing storyline through this design. It’s one of the few that hit home because of how amazing Selena’s story was and the movie of course was always one of the best representations of that. The quote you see comes from the her song, Dreaming of You. To me, it fit perfectly with the feel of the design. I wonder sometimes what things would be like if she was still alive, but for me its an honor to have this great design to help her live on through. R.I.P Selena.