I just finished this design a few minutes ago and I am absolutely blown away with how amazing this just came out. I chose Madonna as my subject because of how iconic she is and also the raunchy but sensual demeanor she gives off. I decided to challenge myself with this edit and make a concept out of it. I only usually do this with album or single artwork but it felt absolutely right this time. The frame and gold idea came to me from the outfits that madonna has on. They’re very bold and vintage and they work absolutely well to me. I love how I put a photo on top of the frame as if she’s controlling it. It brought a cool element of force to the design for me. I had a rough time deciding whether to keep the background light or make it dark. The design is super simple compared to what I usually do but this just works so well to me. I love how regal and intense it looks. I had fun doing this design. It happens to be one of my quickest, but I’ve proven to myself that time doesn’t always have to determine a strong design. Another job well done by myself.