This is a brand new promotion design for recording artist and one of my closest friends Cyborg. We came together last minute for this design but the ending result worked out well. The inspiration for this design comes from the outfit that Cyborg was wearing in the photos that I used. The jacket reminds me of a mix between the movie Drumline and the Anime culture. I wanted the design to bounce off of the outfit and show how significant it was. The poses that he took made it easy for me to get creative and try to do something different. The goal was to make the edit stand out as much as possible because Cyborg plans to use it for promotion on his official website. I know that it will do great and be an amazing asset. If you’re interested in great music and want to support Cyborg, go and check out the official Cyborg Reload website here Great music, fan support, performance information, and much more. Its always a pleasure being able to team up with such a talented guy.