For a while now I’ve been trying to make my artwork a little more personal to share my story and bring out my inner creativity. This design is one of the closest to me. It brought out a lot in me as I was designing it. For the subject, I decided this time to use someone who lifts me up as oppose to who reminds me of myself. I thought it would be interesting to see all of the elements of myself and my emotions on a person that brings out the good in me. Chuck Anderson has become one of my biggest influences and I love the work that he creates as well as his come up story of being an artist. It was actually therapeutic to watch this design come to life. I decided to incorporate my name into this design to show how real it is to me. This is a huge favorite if not one of my best designs of all time. I usually don’t title my work but this title represents it well. “All Bled Out”, which is a great way to describe the final result and the process.