Last night, I was listening to some of my older music and got a great idea to do a design. It’s been a few weeks or so since I’ve done my last design and I wanted to try something way out of my comfort zone. I decided to make this design of Michael Jackson. At first I thought I was out of my mind for doing this, considering all of his legacy and his photos, but I wanted to really challenge myself. I decided to make the color scheme vintage, like Michael. I also chose to do his photos in a timeline kind of set; the younger days on the right, slowly coming to the present days closer to his passing. I also added in some silhouettes to bring out the photos more, as well as some background tricks to bring out the whole edit. My personal favorite element would definitely be the glove. I mean that’s Michael’s signature. The edit as a whole reminds me of the Kurt Cobain design a little bit. This is the most pictures of a subject that I have ever used in an edit as long as I’ve been designing. It’s an amazing feeling to see how great this design came out. I am so proud of myself.