I recently took a month hiatus from designing due to technical issues. Within that month I’ve been able to get more in touch with my creativity and learn about new styles and techniques. I made a list of different subjects that I wanted to try out once I got back into the swing of things. At the top of my list was Kurt Cobain , lead singer of Nirvana. I chose to use Kurt because he’s very different from my usual subjects. I’ve been very inspired by young people who left the world way too soon. Kurt was a genius and though I didn’t listen to his music too much, he himself was clever. This edit to me is a great reflection of the vibe I get from what he did here on this earth. I have to say this is such a great edit to me and it came out amazing. I love the shapes, brushes, and colors that I chose. As well as the pictures. RIP Kurt Cobain ( The quote you see says, “Thanks for the tragedy. I need it for my art” , right from Kurt himself)