My newest manipulation design of myself. A few nights ago , I searched around for some tutorials on facial effects for a project I was working on and I came across some cool steps and techniques. Aside from what I was working on, I think these steps would work great for my future manipulations and help them to give off more of a realistic effect. I’m learning now how to use more tools and masks. Here I have a cracked face and I look like I’ve been beat up, everything you see on my face comes from a different photo. With the right blending techniques it looks like I’m an actual monster, the yellow eyes, the blood dripping from my mouth, not to mention the spooky little background. It almost freaks me out looking at it , which makes me realize how great of a job I’ve done. Very proud of myself and how much I improve each day with these designs. 🙂 The original photo is displayed to show the transition.