For a while I’ve been trying to figure out the next great idea for a manipulation design to follow up that of Macklemore. I wanted to go a direction that I’ve never gone before. So ultimately , I chose to use a subject that was way out of my comfort zone to challenge myself. I chose Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future. My original choice was to use Jasper Dolphin but last minute I knew Earl would be a little better. So with this design , it was originally supposed to be a contest entry for a blogsite upcoming artist E.Nigma (@EdotNigma) told me about and there weren’t any rules plus I had no set plan for the art which made my job a lot easier than expected. Every idea that came to my mind as I did the design got added into it. The many duplicates of the faces was something new for me and I got comfortable quick with it. The snake in the eye was another cool illusion I wanted to bring to life. Also, I decided to manipulate the face a second time with a skull head to add in my unique and now signature style. This by far is definitely one of my favorite manipulation designs. Hopefully I win this contest. That would be a great feeling, but the work alone is a huge accomplishment for me.