Interesting story behind this design . Originally , this was just supposed to be a cartoon for a friend of mine , Abrianna , but then she emailed me and asked for it to be of Frank Ocean. I was nervous at first to do this because I’ve barely done cartoons of a famous subject except one time prior , which was years ago but after a lot of thinking and contemplating , I chose to go forward with completing this design . It took me at least 3 or 4 hours to do it . The thing about cartoons is that you can’t miss any detail. Things have to be accurate in every aspect. The hardest part was definitely the hands. Being that they were directly in the middle and the most noticeable element in the photo. Overall though I was pretty happy with the final product . I’m still very iffy about the watch but , from a distance it looks pretty interesting . I decided to add in a grunge like background to bring the cartoon more to life . I also think it makes the picture look completely realistic.