Another brand new and special representational edit that I designed last week. This one being of one of my friends , and upcoming artist E.Nigma (@EdotNigma) . This is probably another one of my favorites . I decided to go with an ice blue kinda color scheme , which is inspired to his mixtapes , FROST and FROST season 2 (available for download at HNHH.COM) . Some of the symbols here are things to me that best represent the person that E.Nigma is . I haven’t known him a very long time , but I feel like I did a great job symbolizing his amazing character . Everything here looks so well put together , and I think overall the design is amazing . Also , VVC would like to wish E.Nigma a Happy 21st birthday 🙂 , which is the main reason I did this edit for him 🙂 thankful for what he’s done for Veezy Vibetime Creations and also me as a person . Much Love.