My very first post on this blog . šŸ™‚ my name’s Venita Bledsoe . Also known as “Veezy Vibetime” . I’m a graphic artist from CT . I have a huge eye as well as an unexplained passion for art and design . I’m trying and also determined to make my dreams and goals a reality . šŸ™‚ my work is a pure example of my love of what I do . I’m the founder of my independent project “Veezy Vibetime Creations” which is a representation of all the work I’ve done from my starting point of 2010 to the present . Been an editor since 2006 when I was a freshman in high school . And now that I’m an adult , I’m ready to take my work to the next level . I’m also a poet . Haven’t written for a long time , but I always loved self-expression . šŸ™‚ I’m Excited . Pieces of art and poetry coming very soon . šŸ™‚